Control your home from anywhere in the world

HomeAutom8 has free home automation software compatible with:

iOS Android Windows OSX Linux Mobile In Browser SmartWatch Raspberry Pi BeagleBone

That's more choice than any other home automation software provider . . .

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What is HomeAutom8?

HomeAutom8 is a Home Automation solution compatible with any device supported by RFX transmitters. This includes devices from HomeEasy, LightwaveRF, ByeByeStandBye, DomiaLite, X10 & more. (see here, click on "will support".)

Control your devices from:

  • Your Mobile (Web App & native Apps for iPhone and Android)
  • Your PC (GUI and cli software for Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Your Browser
  • Your Watch (Sony SmartWatch, pebble coming soon)
  • Cloud Scheduling (Setup a schedule online and our servers will run it for you)

How do I get started?

To get set up, you will need:

  • An RFXCom transmitter
  • Some home automation devices such as HomeEasy plug sockets
  • An account on this site

What can I do with it?

  • Control a multitude of home automation devices.
  • Schedule devices to come on / off at any time you like with no always on PC needed.
  • Setup macros to configure your devices into a preset state at the touch of a button.
  • Configure & control all your locations, rooms and devices on this site, forget about reconfiguring your devices every time you change handsets or upgrade.
  • Run with or without an always on machine. HomeAutom8 even supports Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone.


iAutom8 iPhone Spinner View iAutom8 mobile web control iAutom8 iPhone Table View iAutom8 for Android iAutom8 for iPad iAutom8 for the Sony SmartWatch iAutom8 from your desktop browser iAutom8 on the command line

Create your free account here and get started.

Mobile Home Automation

HomeAutom8 has a Web App version of its control software which will run on any smartphone or tablet. No Apps to install and it will be up to date every time you run it.

iPhone Home Automation

HomeAutom8 has a fully functional, free iOS App allowing you to take full control of all your devices from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You only have to configure your house and devices in one place.

Android Home Automation with Smartwatch Extension

HomeAutom8 also has a free Android App allowing full control of all your devices from your Android Device.

In Browser

Using HomeAutom8 you can control your home from within a browser anywhere in the world. No apps, downloads or spending required. Are you sure you turned off the lights before you went on holiday?

Cross Platform PC Software

The HomeAutom8 PC software is free and 100% cross platform, which means it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and more. The PC software has a GUI and a Command Line, for advanced users.

Always Getting Better

HomeAutom8 and it's apps are always being worked on. Keep an eye on the Tweeter feed for news.

Create your free account here and get started.